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Elite Epoch uses traditional abrasive blasting techniques (manual or automatic) to properly prepare surfaces for treatment. Any coating system must have an anchor profile with the necessary depth in order to attach well to the treated surface.

Elite Epoch surface preparation techniques need the projection of a blasting media against the surfaces to be treated. This ensures the right amount of surface scouring and roughness, two important elements in the application of protective coatings. Depending on the type (steel, stainless steel, concrete), condition (new or already coated), and abrasive (metallic or mineral) of the surface to be treated, Elite Epoch will select the optimum equipment (manual or automatic) and material to ensure the best results. Elite Epoch takes great pride in making sure that all blasting activities are carried out in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

Abrasive blast cleaning can be used to roughen an existing coating for subsequent overcoating or to completely remove the existing corrosion products, coating, and mill scale. Abrasive blast cleaning is the most productive of all surface preparation methods.

Blasting Standards

White Metal Blast cleaning – ISO Sa3 (SSPC SP 5/ NACE No 1) Near White Metal Blast Cleaning – ISO Sa2.5 (SSPC SP 10/ NACE No 2)

Commercial Blast Cleaning – ISO Sa2 (SSPC SP 3/ NACE No 3) Industrial Blast Cleaning – (SSPC SP 3/ NACE No 8). Brush Off Blast Cleaning – ISO Sa1 (SSPC SP 7/ NACE No 4) Brush-Off Blast Cleaning of Coated and Uncoated Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steels, and Non-Ferrous Metals/ Sweep Blast Cleaning - SSPC SP 16

Elite Epoch provides Abrasive blasting services with better honesty to maximize client satisfaction. Your specific needs are handled while being cost-effective. Our seasoned crew members give their all to ensure unwavering quality.

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